And here we have our first Ponderings post… Sorry it’s been a bit, it’s just been so busy, with work, and Halloween. But! in the spirit of monsters and such, let’s speak a little of monsters…… This is quite a long post, and the really annoying thing is, I was writing it and all set to publish it Sunday but something glitches and I LOST it all! That’s mostly the reason I’m late… But that’s okay, because I really needed time to think about this book seriously, so, here’s a sneak peak of the Pondering…..

This was a book like no other, and even after all this time has passed, it’s still fervently in my mind. I’m sure it’s a book I will retread again.

First, the Tales….. A wonderful part of the book in which the endings could surprise anyone. Before I go any further, there WILL BE SPOILERS. At this point, I’ve had time to think, and there’s no point Pondering when you have to hold back on details, so, you have been warned….

Ya, very little sneak peek.. For the rest of it, click the link below.

A Monster Calls Ponderings