Sorry guys, once again I don’t have the review yet, I’m considering watching the Scortch Trials and reviewing that for you guys juts to give you something, because the book I’m reading right now, though amazing, is really a slow reader. However! I did have to tell you about my trip to the bookstore yesterday. I went to the Open Book in Santa Clarita, BEST BOOK STORE EVER! If you live close by or don’t care how far to drive, go! It is so well worth it. The picture you see are of the books I bought, and I actually put some back to not go crazy. And that’s not even the best part. 

First, lets look at the prices, the first we have, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell was $7.00. Next, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Collection was $9.95. Next, Eulalia! was $6.00. Next Sapphique which was $4.00, then lastly It’s Kind of a Funny Story for $4.95. (Before you say I forgot one, wait just a second.) So that total would have been about $31.90. Not bad at all! When I came to the register she told me it was Bilbo’s Birthday and that every book was 22% off! And if things couldn’t get better, I spent over $20 or so and I got a free book! Which was the Fellowship of The Ring. So my total was about $27, and I waked away with six books!! Best bookstore ever guys, great atmosphere, great workers, great costumers, if you live near Santa Clarita, CA, go there!! Even if not to buy anything just to look!