Alice – Red Queen/Christina Henry/291 pgs, 291 pgs/ Fantasy, Horror, Adult

A life filled with tea parties, cake, a white rabbit. And blood. When all that’s left in Alice’s life but four cold walls and a mass murderer her only friend, there’s no point in remembering why she got there and would probably prefer not to. But when her life is turned upside down as a black beast escapes, leaving a thick trail of blood behind it, she must except reality and face who she is. Can she clear her mind, which has been fogged from drugs for so long, and can she trust Hatcher, her only friend who remembers nothing but killing? It’s a long way down the rabbit hole before anything becomes clear…



This was rough guys. Too much for me to take. If you read my previous review on Alice (which is now gone as I wanted to combine these two) you’ll know that I tried to give the book the benefit of the doubt. I gave a weird configuration of saying “it’s crap but let’s keep trying.” Well, I went onward towards the Red Queen in hopes of a better future, and was sadly proven wrong. This series is a disaster…. Now, before I continue, let me note that though I did indeed start and finish Alice, I did not finish Red Queen. I made it to page 213 before I couldn’t take it anymore. Literally 78 pages away from the finish line and I couldn’t do it, that should tell you how bad it is. I will do my best to keep my emotions under control, but this book was just insulting, so it will be quite difficult….



Quick Summary

LANGUAGE:Thankfully, there was hardly any language if any at all, I was trying my best to finish this book as quickly as I could, so I wasn’t paying to much attention, but I’m confident the language was little to none. 
This was much lighter than the first book, they weren’t hunting a blood thirsty creature so that made it easy, there are some scenes, a pile of burned bodies, a really creepy goblin that wears skin clothing. I did not finish it, so I don’t know if there is anything at the end, but throughout the rest of the book, not too bad. 
Thankfully, there was no rape. Of course Alice still remembers, but there isn’t much mention or flashbacks to it, and no characters with such intent in this book. So you can relax about that much at least. (the goblin can come across as wanting her sexually, but I got the impression he just wanted to admire her)
I’ll be clear, the quality it atrocious. It’s hard for me to determine exactly what is wrong with it. However, I was listening to my sister talking about writing, and she said she read that you must be careful not to be too caught up in your plot and forget your characters, otherwise they’ll becomes pieces in a game, there to fulfill their role, but lifeless. That’s what this feels likes. Christina Henry focused too much on her plot, that her characters are lifeless, or you just plain dislike them. And if you can’t like your characters, it’s pointless. 
I don’t think I ever want to read this again. I’d like to promise you’ll I’ll come back to finish Red Queen and give you a complete review, but I just don’t know, this was too rough, too terrible to keep going. This is not a book I would suggest to anyone. It’s poor quality, lifeless characters, an insult to Lewis Carroll, and many degrading attributes in women. I’m actually quite shocked really, if I didn’t know any better I would say a sexist man wrote this, the book makes women appear in capable of taking care of themselves; they appear weak and pathetic. Anyway, this is not a book I would suggest to anyone, I’m sorry. 

Again, not a very quick summary, but there’s just so much to say about this series…. I’m trying my best not to be too harsh, but it’s proving to be quite difficult. I felt quite insulted by this book, and it’s hard not to take it personally….




Little to none, I don’t even think there were any hints to language either. No dirty jokes or rude names. Which is nice, for a change.


There really wasn’t much to this one, they spent most of their time traveling. Once they reached the forest it got a little creepy, that really creepy disgusting goblin that loved to collect women, that was dark, but he was the only one. I didn’t finish it, so there’s a chance something violent happens in the end, and I apologize not being able to give you an answer, this book was just too rough…


I was overjoyed to not seeing any rape in this one. It was brought up a bit here in there, flashbacks, but nothing much more than that. Now, the goblin liked to collect women, and he attacked Alice, but even though it was creepy and he seduced her, I didn’t get much of an impression that he wanted her sexually, more like he wanted to mount her on a wall and admire her. Still creepy, just not quite rape.


I could honestly talk forever about this, but I don’t want to bore you, considering I’ll mostly be venting. The main impression I got from her writing is that she relied too much one Lewis Carroll’s original and failed to make her own story. Yes, there were many new elements that obviously didn’t come from Carroll; however, it lacked any true character. Fan-fiction is difficult. There are those who just take the characters and make their own story, then there are those who loved it so much they do everything they can to make it as similar as possible. I felt Christina Henry tried to make it as similar as possible, with a twist. She tried to write like Carroll she tried to have Alice talk like Alice, but the problem is, you can’t do that. The amazing thing about writers is that everyone is unique and has their own voice, why waste time and copy someone else? I could tell everything was off, and it made it more painful to imagine her as the original then to just imagine her as someone completely different.

So I guess my question is, did Christina Henry wish to continue the original Alice in Wonderland and bring it back with a twist, or did she have an idea she liked and just really like Alice in Wonderland? I can’t tell, everything is a mess. At times it feels as if she’s copying Carroll and other times she’s writing in her style. She may not even know. 

The characters were unlikeable after a certain time. I really liked Hatcher, but after suffering so long with Alice in the Red Queen, I lost interest in him and didn’t even bother to see what happened to him. Alice, she rather bothered me. She seem to characterize a strong willed women, but at the same time, a weak and broken one. The fact of the matter is after all she went through that would either brake her, make her a monster, or make her humble. She was a configuration of all of them. She was a broken women, but she was also bordering on mania, which scared her (honestly it seems as though that should have happened sooner really), and yet she was humble and quite, when it came to her love of Hatcher. 

It was all just a mess, characteristics contradicted, writing alternated between copying and original, etc….. 


I’m sorry, I really wish there was something good I can say about this, but I can’t. I still like Hatcher, just not enough to keep going. His character was the only one that made the most sense (technically Cheshire was pretty good too though). However, this book gets a very low low rating for me. It really insulted me because of her lack of respect to Lewis Carroll. Now, I try to be open about Fan-Fiction, it’s a realm where everyone just puts aside there differences and just writes about their favorite stories. However, there’s a difference between getting weirdly exotic, and just plain insulting. The women presented in these books was terrible, and again contradicting. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and hoped that she was justing bring to light how awful and real rape is. However, after reading more and reading reviews, I can see now that that’s not the impression given off at all. The women in here are degraded, and it raised Alice on a pedestal, which I find weird. Are you raising women or lowering them? Again, more contradictions….

Anyway, this book has a lot of mistakes, and there isn’t much that keeps you going, unnecessary drama, unnecessary rape, everything just feels forced or just put out there for the heck of it. I’m sorry, I tried my best not to be cruel but I really didn’t do very well, I’m sorry… Not a book I would come back to or suggest.