Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass/Lewis Carroll/131 pgs, 119 pgs/Classic, Fantasy, Children’s

Wow, oh wow…..

In a state of boredom Alice finds herself following a strange white rabbit down a hole into a world of wonder. From talking animals and weeping cow-turtles to a disappearing cat and flamingos used as mallets in croquet, there’s no end to this madness. The further she ventures the harder it is to understand, but is it really about understanding, or merely a game of chess?

Never in my entire life have I ever read or seen anything like this. I grew up with the cartoon so I knew how crazy it was, at least I thought I did, but the movie didn’t even scratch the surface. No one in their right mind could write something like this. It’s so bizarre, insane and ingenious all at the same time. The variety of characters, ideas and conversations is mind blowing, I mean, what the heck???? Anyway, try to keep up…

Quick Summary

LANGUAGE: I have the utmost confidence in saying there wasn’t a single bad word uttered or hinted at in both books. Now, there is a chance a reference went over my head, or maybe a word back then meant something that doesn’t know, but I’m pretty certain this is clean, I mean, it’s a children’s book.

VIOLENCE: Again, no violence. There were some pretty bizarre scenes and such, but nothing I really consider violent. The Queen may shout “Off with their heads!” but in the end, no one’s head is ever cut off, so….

QUALITY: I just can’t even… I really don’t know how to rate this, I mean, it was written very well, but it was sooooo crazy and insane that, it seems…. Ridiculous? I don’t know, I say full marks for being able to write like this. It’s like being in a child’s head, the constant change of thought and direction and reasoning is like that of a child’s. Very much so in fact it’s weird to know an adult wrote this… (he was 33 when the book was published.) So, in the end, it’s brilliant.

OVERALL RATING: To be honest, I can’t answer. When I finished reading it and went to go give my rating on GoodReads, I just sat there at the stars and thought what in the heck am I giving this? Did I love it? No. Did I hate it? No! So what did I feel? No clue! This book left me gobsmacked and wondering what in the world did I just do… The first book was interesting, but I will admit I lost my mind on book two, only because I really don’t like poetry, and that’s pretty much all that was. But, to make things easy, read it for sure, because it is definitely an experience you will not soon forget.

This book is certainly not a book to be trifled with. The writing is… different, I’ve never seen anything like it before, never. And the real funny thing here is that this is written for children… Anyway, let’s dig a little deeper.


Not a single word uttered in either book, not once. Insults were certainly thrown, but nothing that would cause any discomfort other than to scratch your head wondering what kind of insult you just read…


This is a little difficult to explain. There is no violence, but there are a few disturbing scenes, such as the walrus and the carpenter. (if you’ve watched the cartoon, you know which scene I’m referring to…) if not, it’s a story in which a walrus and a carpenter lure these children oysters to dine with them, and then eat them all in the end….. It’s horrible… That was a scene that scarred me for life as a kid! So there are instances like this every now and then that aren’t really violent or anything, but quite unsettling.


After thinking about it for a while, I will say the quality is quite excellent. Now, the words don’t necessarily flow wonderfully, which most people tend to think is what makes a book great (it does, but it’s not the only way) but there’s quite a bit of playful banter in the writing, which makes it a lot of fun. But you know, thats the point, the choppiness of it all. It feels like you’re having dream. One moment you’re doing something, then the next second you find yourself in a completely different place and time talking with different people, and you really don’t mind. You go through so many moments and places you begin to loose track slightly and everything starts to turn into a haze, like a dream. Quite brilliant if you think about it. And the conversation was astounding. I mean, how did he come up with this. There was no reason to anything, no limit to what they could talk about. I mean, come on, a weeping cow turtle who talks about learning about “uglification” in school?……. What? I mean, how do you do that! And Lewis was completely consistent, he never faltered or took a break, everything was mad…

Through The Looking Glass was hard to get through, but only because of all the poetry. I am really not a fan of poetry, and it was quite painful to read so many poems (there was like one to two poems for each chapter it felt). It was almost like the whole second book was a poem… Either way, very fascinating way of writing, playful and alarmingly intelligent all at the same time.


I like Alice in Wonderland…. That’s my final decision. I feel that so many people try to read into it thinking there are so many hidden messages and mysteries in it, but what if it doesn’t? I mean, it’s a children’s book, what of Lewis Carroll just wanted to fool with us. There are also rumors (or are they facts, I really don’t know at this point…) that he was “high” when he wrote these, because that’s the only thing that makes sense, right? How else could he write like this. Well, he was very intelligent, and intelligent people just don’t think the same way others do, and people can’t usually understand that. So, don’t read this book because you want to look smart by being someone who discovered the mysteries, try that another day. Read it to enjoy, take in everything, and walk into it with an EXTREMELY open mind, otherwise, you’ll get lost along the path. Don’t be like Alice in which you constantly keep asking “But how can you do that?” (Like I did… I’m serious, ask my sister, she could tell you all the times I stopped and gave her a retarded glance because I was so frustrated…) Read it to enjoy, and let me know what you think, seriously, I just can’t help but wonder how others saw this……