Here are some random reviews that have been combined, because I never actually finished the books. Here are my reasons…

Lets start with Patrick Ness. Well, let’s say I was more disappointed rather then saying the book was bad. I can’t give a fare review because I didn’t read either of the books (More Than This, and Monsters of Men) all the way. A Monster Calls was beautiful, the writing stunning. Everything just jumped off the pages and danced around. These books, not even close. The writing was a bit poor, and More Than This contained elements that made me uncomfortable. Now, I wasn’t planning on saying what elements, because I don’t want people to yell at me for no reason, but I decided to because there might be others like me and would like to know ahead of time. More Than This contained homosexual elements. The main character is gay, and it turns out the story is about his struggle admitting this and his family’s disappointment in him. Now, before anyone yells at me, I am not a homophobe, it is just against my religion. It makes me uncomfortable to read it. Now, was his writing terrible? I don’t really think so, I believe I was just clouded by A Monster Calls, and my expectations were just too high. However, I did begin to loose my mind a little in More Than This. At first, the mystery was very interesting to me, and I was getting caught up in it. But then, I suddenly found myself very vexed (Now, before you say “Oh it must have been when you found out he was gay”, it wasn’t, I figured that out after I read ahead because I was so frustrated). I found the story dissatisfying, and after I decided to stop reading it, I read into and figured out that there is no real ending to it, no conclusion, which made me even more vexed. Monsters of Men on the other hand had a really interesting concept, and I might try it again some other time.

Next was Zoo. I watched the TV series and I LOVE it! So, despite being written by James Patterson, I decided to give it a go. Well, I read some. It was completely different from the tv series, but I actually don’t enjoy Patterson’s writing. Now, I enjoy Maximum Ride, and I will do a review on that series, but his writing is rather empty. Yes, he’s very popular and makes millions, but he writing lacks character. You don’t really find yourself getting attached to anyone. It’s not completely dead, but enough to where you’re sitting there thinking to yourself “What?”. I struggle with Patterson’s writing because for him he writes hundreds of books which aren’t very impressionable, but for me, I would rather write one good book that lasts forever, then write hundreds with little meaning. So, I won’t say that the book was bad, I just couldn’t find the drive to finish it.

Now, I am reading other books, one which is almost 900 pages, which is why it’s taking me so long… I apologize, I’m a rather sporadic reader. I’ll be sure to put a complete review up shortly.