Hollow City/Ransom Riggs/396 pgs/Fantasy, Historical Fiction

After barley escaping their lonely island, the children must now make a journey to the Peculiar capital of the world, London, to save their headmistress. However things are not so easy as they must face the hollows and wights in a worn torn city in the year 1940. And not only must Jacob now face his newly found Peculiar ability, but he may just be their only chance at survival. And before he can move on, he must make an important decision not only about his love for Emma, but also about what he left behind.

Quick Summary

LANGUAGE: The language was very light, hardly any words used, and they were common words.

VIOLENCE: There really isn’t any violent scenes, nothing gory or such, just some disturbing instances. Several men are stung to death, a bird is thrown against the wall and killed, a young girl is impaled straight through the stomach, but that incident is a little…. Peculiar. Anyway, nothing outright violent, just dark scenes.

QUALITY: The quality was excellent, the only thing that stood out to me more than the last one is the pictures. They felt a little more strained this time; sometimes they didn’t always fit in.

OVERALL RATING: I enjoyed WAY more than the first, maybe it was because their characters changed because the change in environment, or whether Ransom Riggs had a better second round, either way, this was a very interesting book and I enjoyed it greatly. Still strange though, just there were other aspects to distract me.

What surprised me about this book is how much I enjoyed it. The first one was a little too much for me and I couldn’t really get into the characters. This one, however, was very exciting to me. I was surprised because people say the second book is hardest to write and it isn’t always as good. This one though….

LANGUAGE: The language is barely anything to mention. Very little light words. Even the British language was barely there. I was surprised, honestly, because I thought they would be more stressed and angry being out in a completely new environment.

VIOLENCE: There wasn’t much bloody violence, just disturbing scenes. A group of men were stung to death (as you can guess it was Hugh), there was a scene were a bird was tossed about and then thrown against a wall, killed. (That may not be so disturbing to others, but it bothers me). There was also a scene where a girl was hanging from a pull that impaled her straight through the stomach, but that isn’t quite as bad because it was a peculiar incident.

There are some scenes where they walk through destroyed loops, one where the walk over bodies and such. But ya, nothing truly violent.

QUALITY: The quality was excellent, I really enjoy his style of writing. The character development was far better than the first. Whether it was because it was a change of environment for them or whether Ransom Riggs just had a better second round (which seems to be happening…). Either way, you grow to like the characters more, even Enoch was nice. (still a touch creepy, just not nearly was bad.) I do like to think it was just a change in environment, because they had been stuck in their loop for such a long time, there was no room for growing up and they had to do anything to keep themselves from dying of boredom. Now, out in the world, they can finally be themselves and be open to the possibility of change. I will say though that this time his photo selection felt a little strained. There were plenty that worked, but also many that didn’t. (There were 51 pictures in total, if I counted properly, almost the same as the first). It just felt that he was using them just because he wanted to, not because they were relevant to the story and even necessary. I can understand though, it’s like having a great idea about your story but knowing it won’t work out, the only problem is that he went through with it. It’s nothing terrible, so terrible it bothers you in the book, it just gets a little strange at times.

In the end, this was a very good book to read, so push through the first if you’ll have a hard time like me, because this second one was very interesting. I had fun watching Jacob’s peculiarity adapt, and despite how disappointing the movie was, if they make another it will be kind of fun to watch it pan out (that is if they don’t destroy it first of course…)