Welcome to The Random Bookshelf! Here on this blog I review books of all kinds. I will review many genres, but I am partial to fantasy, so you may see many such books. I created this blog solely for the purpose of helping others in making decisions when choosing a book.When we choose a book, what do we want? That answer may vary for different people, and I force my opinion on no one, I am merely here to give you a basic understanding of what the books consists of.

I will split the reviews into three sections: Language, Violence, and Quality. Let me make one thing clear, I am young and inexperienced, so my reviews my be rather childish. I dislike language, sex, or any other “adult” content in the books I read, therefore do not take my review on Language and Violence personally, I am only telling you what is in the book, and I leave the decision making to you. At the top of the reviews is a Quick Summary, in case all you want is just a basic understanding of the book without too much given away. If you wish to read more, below the Quick Summary will be the detailed descriptions of each section.

Ponderings” is where I will talk about the messages and details in a book that had meaning to me. This is a place where everyone can share their ideas. If there are others who share in my excitement, you’re welcome to comment and give your thoughts, I will gladly welcome them.

Thank you for reading my blog, even just for a moment. I love books, have for a long time, and I hope to share and encourage my enjoyment with others.

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