Quick Summary

Characters: The characters were quite awful, good actors, just terrible portrayal. They were wrong on ages, appearances and some of the characters were done wrong.

Plot: It followed the basic plot, but changed so many details, they even swapped character (Emma and Olive).

Overall Rating: Well, if you’ve never read the book you might enjoy it, the ending was very strange, but if you’ve read the book and you’re a die hard like me, don’t bother, it’s a major disappointment.

Language/Violence/Other: Normal uses of casual language, nothing to crazy. The violence does not happen often, but can be disturbing. Near the end you see the creatures eating eyeballs, which belonged to the peculiar children, so its actually a very disturbing scene. Definitely not a movie for kids. There is no sex but two characters get close and kiss and hug, nothing graphic


I will state before I start that I review books, so the review I’m about to give isn’t really going to be on whether the movie was excellent quality and what a real movie is,  especially on the actors. When I state that an actor did a terrible job, I mean to say that they did not portray the character from the book at all, it has nothing to do with their quality as an actor, If an actor truly did do a terrible job, I will state so specifically. In the end I’m just comparing it to the books, so please, don’t be offended or turned off when I say the movie wasn’t very good, because it’s based purely on my opinion and how many times it fell from the book.

To begin, lets talk about the actors, because in my opinion, it’s the only aspect that saved it…

Asa Butterfield – Jacob

Before I talk about him, I am bias. I LOVE Butterfield. I’ve been in love with his acting since the BBC series Merlin, so some of you may disagree with his job and have good reason, I just always have faith in him.

He did a very good job. Now, if you wanted me to say whether he was exactly like he was in the book, I would probably say no, he wasn’t exact, but I would have to go read the book again to be 100% certain. Considering how awful the rest of the characters were and the story, he did a great job; he had very little to work with. He managed to bring out the character Jacob pretty well, his distance from others, to maintain his “normal” lifestyle, but also a desire to be free. I will say that I wasn’t completely happy with his response to the new world, it wasn’t…. shocking enough? He adapted to quickly, but I guess your defense against that would be deep down he was meant to be with them; but still, there is some moments of adjustment. They also made him a little weak, which bothered me. To be specific, in the movie when he was at work, they made him look like a fool with his classmates, while in the book it was too much fun watching him trying to get himself fired; he had a bad attitude in the book and it was rather funny.

Eva Green – Miss Peregrine

This was a disaster… Now, she was BEAUTIFUL and stunning in the movie, but lets be honest, she was NOT in the book. In case you don’t remember what she looked like or never read the book, here is a picture of her…

Sorry, not the best picture, but you get the idea… No exactly the beauty queen. Also! She had a limp! She could barely walk down the stairs. So yes, she was beautiful in the movie, but it took away from her personality.

Did she do a good job none the less? She did as an actor, but not as she should have been. They changed everything about her. Her desire to keep the children in the loop was like a religion to her in the book, in the movie, she was ready to leave when they heard what was happening with the hollows. Her young appearance and lack of caring for the children were completely out of character and it displeased me greatly. She didn’t appear to me like a caring mom, more like the modern day woman who wants to live her own life. Sorry, I wasn’t happy with her.

Ella Purnell – Emma Bloom

Lauren McCrostie – Olive Abroholos Elephanta

Don’t even get me started…. Wondering why I’m combining these two? Because this movie swapped them…. Now, I’ve seen a lot of things movies have destroyed or disregarded about the books, but never have I seen them swap characters. I have to admit shamefully, I didn’t catch it until after the movie, because I wasn’t prepared for it, and to be honest, their names were always confusing to me.

The fact that they did this pretty much stopped me, I can no longer review them properly… But in my opinion, it ruined everything. Olive was a little girl in the book, but I guess if she was older, I could picture her like she was in the movie (just to clarify, I’m comparing her to Emma in the movie, it’s confusing because it’s all swapped, but lets just call them wind girl and fire girl.)

Fire girl was very…. Romantic(in the book)? She was crazy in love with Jacob grandfather, so it was no surprise when she used Jacob as a replacement. In the movie wind girl, who is technically Emma, was very sweet and it didn’t really strike me as her using him like that. I will say that fire girl in the movie wasn’t too bad, she was rather spirited and short tempered.

In the end it’s too hard to judge them without being clouded by so much frustration and confusion, but I will say that they also, did not do a very good job.

Finlay Macmillan – Enoch O’Conner

Well, he was pretty good… Definitely captured the “creepy” Enoch from the book. However, he was WAY to old. Now, there could be a reasonable explanation for this. Perhaps they couldn’t find a young enough actor to play the role. Because of this I will not say anything else about it. In the end he was pretty decent, really can’t complain.

Everyone else was actually really well done and did a good job, so I’ll just finish up the actors with just a few words. They looked perfect and acted accordingly, it was great; however, I can’t imagine for the life of me why they added the twins. Yes, they were mentioned in passing in the book, but only through pictures, you never met them. So why did they do that? No clue, and I’m a crazy person when it comes to being close to the book, so I was once again bothered.

The Plot

This was a landslide, and I’ve already spent so much time on actors, so I’ll try to be brief.

They hardly followed the book, and I know the movies can only do so much, but come on…. They had a couple scenes from the book, but even those were distorted at times. It was tolerable at first, but after Miss Peregrine was captured, I lost my mind. They completely went off track and made it look stupid. They made the wights looked both ridiculous/silly and overly disturbing (the hollows I actually liked, they were pretty good). Perhaps they were trying to harness the loops in a cool way for the watchers, so I can’t be too mad at them, but if they plan on making more movies, there would be no need for that. It was rushed, and very…. stupid.

In the end, I would not suggest this movie. Terrible job. The actors did a great job considering how little they had to work with, but the story just got too strange. I will say that if you’ve never read the book, you might enjoy this, but if you have read the book, steer clear, it’s jut not worth it. Now, I told myself I wouldn’t rant because everyone likes different things, but as a book compared to the movie, this was as bad as Eragon…. Remember that movie… Sorry, if anyone has been offended by my review or disagrees completely, I apologize, and please comment on why you liked it, it’s good for people to see both sides.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my ranting… I also hope it was at least a little bit helpful.