Ranger’s Apprentice/John Flanagan/12 Books/Children’s Fantasy

Will’s life changed in one moment. It may not have been what he wanted, but it was meant to be. Through the years Will become one of the best rangers, under the constant care and teachings of Halt, a legend known throughout all the kingdom. With many experiences, both exciting and near death, Will made a legend of himself, befriending royalty and traveling to all parts of the world.

Quick Summary

LANGUAGE: The language isn’t bad at all. There’s a little bit here and there, it picked up a little more in book 3, but throughout the whole series, the language is pretty light.

VIOLENCE: Very little violence, there are two wars fought in this series, as well as many skirmishes, but nothing violent or gory.

QUALITY: Now, this is a children’s book, so we’re not looking at Tolkien quality, or maybe even Harry Potter, but it is simple, light, and in my opinion wonderful.

OVERALL RATING: I love these books, I can’t help it. But I will say that this is more of a book to read when you’re just looking to relax or take a break from bigger and deeper books. I will say that the first 6 to 7 books are the best (book 2 is my favorite!), I don’t mean to say the last 4 to 5 books aren’t very good, I just didn’t quite enjoy them as much as the beginning. I have not read book 12 yet, I will do a separate review on that one at a later time.

I read these books years ago, but have reread books 1-5 several times (book 2 I’ve reread about 5 times…). What I love most about them is that no matter how many years pass by, I still love them just as much as when I first read them, which is something you can’t say very often with children’s books. (I’m only saying that we read more and more complicated books as we get older, so books we read as a kid may seem a little childish now). So lets get started!

LANGUAGE: The language is very light, with just your average words. It does pick up in book 3, when they bring in the Skandians. But it goes back down once they’re back home.

VIOLENCE: Now, it has been a bit, so leave room for error, but I’m confident that the violence is very light. There is a scene in book 3 of drug abuse. A character is fed the drug and they become addicted. It is sad and a bit disturbing, because there are a lot of others around their age (not certain of their exact age, but between the ages of 15 to 17) suffering from the same addiction. But there is nothing graphic and the character is helped afterwards to get off the addiction.

QUALITY: The quality in the book is very good, but John Flanagan wrote this book specifically for his son, who did not enjoy reading as much, so the reading is very easy. Not so easy it crazy annoying, it’s the perfect balance between childish and teen. I know that it can be hard to read simple writing, but this was very well done, I love these books, even as I write this review I want to go back and reread them. But this is a book for relaxation, a book to read when you’re done with all those dramatic teen books you’ve been reading, or maybe you’ve been reading too much Tolkien (wait, is there such a thing?) or you’ve been reading a lot of classics. There is nothing quite like Ranger’s Apprentice, the characters are genuine, you love them all, even the villains, and the plot is so much fun!

All in all guys, I really suggest this book, but I will understand if you don’t like it, because it is after all a kids book… Oh well, go have some fun, try something different! And even if you don’t read the whole series, just try the first and see what you think of it.