Short Summary

Character: Very well done, appearance very similar to books, and their portrayal was quite brilliant.

Plot: They remained very close to the book, except a part of the ending, so there were no drastic changes and that made me very happy

Overall Rating: I would suggest it’s a good watch. It is however strange, I know some people who did not enjoy it at all, and then others who did, so in the end, it is up to you.

Violence/Language/Other: There is quite a bit of language, but nothing terrible, normal actually. The violence is also not so bad. There are some disturbing scenes where you see someone who’s been “stung”, but nothing at all graphic, and all the other scenes are around the grievers, so it’s mostly just gross. Some fist fights and such, but nothing to be worried about. I would say this isn’t really for children, the greivers can be rather creepy, and there is a whole while when Thomas is in the maze at night being chased by a greiver, and then many other scenes with greivers, so I wouldn’t let little kids watch this.


And here we have the Maze Runner, one heck of a strange movie. Now, I am a strong believer in “the book was better than the movie” saying, if you don’t believe me just read my Miss Peregrine review and you’ll see what I mean. However; this was a very unique exception. If you read my review for The Maze Runner book, you’ll know that I really thought the books were poorly written, and just not really worth the read. The movie…. Was amazing. Amazing may be a strong word, definitely enjoyable. Lets start with the actors. (again, just a reminder to those who have not read any of my other movie reviews, when I state that an actor did a terrible job, I mean to say that he did not portray the original character at all, it has nothing to do with their actual talent or ability to act; to be honest it’s more of an attack on the director or whoever is in charge of the character designs.)

Dylan O’Brian – Thomas

O’Brian did a brilliant job, I was very impressed. The way he looks, the way he acts, it was quite spot on, that is if I’m remembering the book properly. He captured the disoriented, yet take charge kind of guy. He was quite brilliant that they played out his role, that he was one of them, but slowly began to reveal that he actually wasn’t. Even though he had no memory of what he had done, you could see it in the way he knew what to do, and how strongly he wished to save them. He risked his life to do so, and even after his memories were taken from him, he still did all he could. Watching the trailer I was a bit nervous he would be annoying, but he wasn’t bad at all. He drove me crazy in the book, but probably just because he repeated the same thoughts. All in all, good job Dylan O’Brian.

Aml Ameen – Alby

Again, another good job. Good portrayal, good appearance. I really can’t remember anything that stood out to me as annoying. If I had to say something, is that he boarder lined appearing weak. Alby wasn’t weak, he was tired, and the movie portrayal came close to make him appear weak, but it wasn’t too bad.

Ki Hong Lee – Minho

Absolutly brilliant. He had that spunky attitude and loyal personality. He was one of my favorite characters in the book and it was great to see him done justice.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster – Newt

He was definitely great to me, but to be honest, his appearance was dead wrong. In the book he was described with long hair and a heavy build, he was strong. Well, he’s short haired and scrawny in the movie, so they were really off. However, I loved his character. I believed he nailed Newt perfectly. He was my absolute favorite character, and honestly, I really like Thomas Brodie-Sangster, I grew up watching Nanny McPhee, so I knew him from long ago. So despite appearance (I actually liked the way he looked a lot, it’s just nothing like the book) he was brilliant.

Will Poulter – Gally

Gally was pretty decent, I would just have to say he wasn’t angry enough. I mean, he eas definitely angry, just… not enough. In the book, Gally wasn’t just angry, he was bitter. He had such loathing for WICKD, and it wasn’t enough in the movie, he seemed naively moved by his emotions and it made him look like a fool, which was a huge mistake. You felt sorry for him in the book, despite how cruel he was. It was just a bit disappointing, but not terribly.

Kaya Scodelario – Teresa

Well, she annoyed me, so I guess it was done right! I really don’t like Teresa, so I can’t judge her accordingly, but I would say she did a good job. I was afraid how they would play out the “mind reading,” and I’m actually glad they didn’t add it. If I have it right, it was just a lazy attempt at giving off foreboding or hints that Teresa and Thomas worked for WICKD, and it just didn’t play out right and was very bizarre. You had to figure it out for yourself what was happening to them and how Teresa and Thomas were connected.


The plot was very close, practically exact. In fact, they only detail they changed completely was how they escaped, which was completely fine with me, because it was another aspect to the book that was too ridiculous. I could never understand how they did escape in the book, through an invisible hole in the sky? Really weird… The movie made up their own idea and it was brilliant and made sense. Unfortunately the book didn’t stick with me very well so I can’t give every detail of what they did right and wrong, all I know is that the book left me with a bad feeling, and the movie left me with a good feeling.

The visual effects were quite amazing too. I wasn’t sure how they were going to execute the maze, and the honestly surprised me, I had no idea it would be so cool and detailed. The grievers as well were extremely detailed and close to the book, which was impressive considering how strange they were in the book.

I will say that this movie is a good one to watch. It was really quite amazing that the movie remained so close to the book when the book was really quite poorly written. However, it is still a very strange concept, and there are some who did not enjoy it at all. It’s a choice you must make yourself, but I will tell you the acting was good, the plot was organized, and it was definitely entertaining.